Cell phone service?

Ever since Cingular bought Suncom, my service has been swiftly been declining. I believe that Cingular is forcing me to give up my legacy “UnPlan.” What service is the best cell service in the Charlottesville area?

Cingular has “50 million customers” but cannot manage to be open past 9 pm and they are closed on Sundays? Wow.

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  1. Chuck Beretz July 6, 2005 at 12:49

    Technically, Cingular only purchased SOME of SunCom. My SunCom service continued to work just fine afterward, but when I wanted to upgrade SunCom told me they were no longer doing retail business in my area. After three failed attempts to get service at the local Cingular store on 29, I switched service on the cingular.com website and ordered a phone there. No problems since.

  2. Brian Wheeler July 7, 2005 at 19:43

    Jim – I have been very happy with Sprint PCS (we live in Ivy), especially with my Treo 600 which gets email, calendar, contacts, etc. all in one device. I have used nTelos and Suncom in the past. Brian