Why do I blog?

First and foremost, I enjoy it. I enjoy having an outlet (that may or may not be read by others) where I can exercise my thoughts and my writing skills, skills that need constant attention. I have a certain passion for writing, reading, politics and basic information sharing; my blog provides a little escape for many of my pent-up thoughts.

I read this the other day on another local blog; his explanation for blogging is simple and clear, and one that I share.

Blogging puts you in the position every sales person wants to be, in direct communication with potential prospects who have a certain degree of confidence in you at a personal level.”

With a blog, there is no need for the painfully obvious script that some salesmen use to develop closeness with a prospect. If some one reads your blog for even a short while, they have some feeling for what kind of person you are. You can try to put on a different, and better, personality for blogging, but your real personality has a habit of showing through.

For those of you who visit regularly, thank you, and I appreciate the time you spend here.

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