Albemarle redistricting moving forward

School districts are one of the most important aspects of a homes’ value, both to those who currently live there as well as prospective purchasers. This value cannot be quantified solely by a monetary number; the intrinsic value cannot be underestimated. With that, we note this morning that Albemarle County may be moving forward with a pared-down redistricting plan. The constantly-changing nature of school districts is why I rarely if ever definitively answer whether a home will remain in a particular school district – no one really knows.

The wheels are in motion to once again realign the Albemarle county school district. For just about a year now, leaders of the Albemarle school division say they’ve anticipated a finalized and polished redistricting plan. NBC29.

The proposal is the second step in the redistricting process, which began with the 16-member redistricting committee turning over its final proposal to Castner in June. The School Board will vote on a final redistricting plan in early fall.
Castner proposed moving all 148 students in the Woodbrook district, except the Raintree subdivision, to Jack Jouett Middle instead of Sutherland Middle and then Albemarle High. Eighty-four students from the Willoughby subdivision, Sunset Avenue Extended, Redfields subdivision, Oak Hill subdivision, Sherwood Manor and The Meadows would be moved from Walton Middle to Burley Middle.
Listed under one (pdf) of the “cons” is that this plan Does not improve the overall balance of diversity . Hm, choosing not to bus kids strictly based on their race sounds like a good thing to me. More information at Albemarle’s site.

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