Eminent Domain being reheard?

The Connecticut homeowners who lost the landmark Supreme Court eminent domain decision filed a petition yesterday for a rehearing.
The families want the high court to reconsider the 5-4 ruling they say already has “opened up the floodgates to eminent domain abuse.”

Already, according to the institute, lawmakers in 25 states have introduced or promised to introduce legislation reforming the use of eminent domain for private development.
The institute says, however that unless all 50 states enact such legislation, homeowners could be left in jeopardy.
This is good news, despite its being a long-shot. As citizens, and especially for those of us who are Realtors, persistence is the key to protecting our private property rights. Locally, you can visit VirginiaPropertyRights.org to sign a petition regarding Eminent Domain and you can follow the local legislators’ promises to combat eminent domain abuse at their blog.

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