Morning thought

Do people not walk or bike places because the infrastructure is not there or do they not build the infrastructure because folks don’t want to walk or bike places?

What impact will gas prices have on development in the short- and long-term? I would love to take mass-transit (were it available) or use human transportation, but I don’t think many of my clients would appreciate the quaint-ness of seeing houses in a rickshaw, but then again …

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  1. Brian J. Geiger August 22, 2005 at 12:55

    Personally, I am afraid to bike in Charlottesville. When I first moved here, I was going to bike to work from Hydralic to downtown, but it’s just crazy-dangerous. Were the infrastructure there, then I would likely bike more places. As it stands, I will not.

    I’ve taken the bus a couple of times, but it doesn’t go out to my house now, and there’s no safe way to bike to the closest bus stop, so that’s out.

    I quite like the Rivanna Trail, but it’s not as practical from a walking-point-a-to-b sort of way, but it’s good for general walking.