Who lives and works in C’Ville?

Charlottesville Podcasting Network has a new podcast today that is particularly relevant to our local regional real estate market. The podcast features the Charlottesville Young Professionals, a local networking group that was founded to bring young professionals together and to help companies retain their talent.

This demographic is important, as it is part of the future of Charlottesville and its real estate market. Anybody who is considering moving here or looking for a good local network should certainly listen to this podcast.

This also marks an important departure for me and my marketing strategy. I am sponsoring this podcast in the hopes of building local business, grass-roots style, but also hoping to get more of these professionals before they move to the area. I will be adding this podcast to most of my relocation packages.

Of particular note is the gentleman who said that he “telecommutes … moved here from the West Coast … bought a house in Cville … settled down … been a telecommuter for about seven years …” He represents a larger and larger part of our market and one into which I am diligently trying to tap.

Sean Tubbs has produced an excellent piece of reporting. This is an outstanding podcast that touches on many aspects of our real estate market. Key words – rail, transient, accessible to Charlottesville, more transplants, Northern VA trend …

Please let me know if you listened to it and think that it is as valuable a medium as I do.

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