Transportation Progress?

From today’s DP

With Old Trail coming, we should make sure that the roads in Crozet are usable,” Supervisor Sally H. Thomas said.

Supervisor David C. Wyant, whose White Hall district includes Crozet, said his mindset on road improvements has changed.

“I’m almost at the point now where the roads are not what I think we should have an emphasis on, but it should be sidewalks and bike trails and maybe mass transit,” Wyant said. “Get people out of their automobiles.” (emphasis mine)

Finally! From a personal and professional aspect, all I have to say is Finally! My feeling is that mass transit may not be in the cards for three years, five years, ten years, maybe even twenty-five years; but I think that it must be considered when looking at the regional transportation needs. I hope that the Alliance for Community Choice in Transportation folks (or any other group interested in this issue) see this and use it as a stepping stone to further this discussion. Anybody who is interested in affecting change should contact his or her respective representative and voice his opinion. George Loper has most of the reps listed (scroll down a bit).

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  1. Alia Anderson, ACCT E.D. September 13, 2005 at 18:12

    Jim: The Board and staff of the Alliance for Community Choice in Transportation were quite pleased to hear Mr. Wyants comments from last Wednesday’s BOS meeting regarding transit and bike/ped issues, and we look forward to working with him on ways that the County can move toward a more diverse transportation network. Your comment brings up a critical point: most major transit improvements take years to investigate, fund, and build. Mr.Wyant’s comment that he is “almost” ready to emphasize transit, bike, and ped access means that we are “almost” where we need to be in Albemarle County today. As a group that promotes alternative transportation, we are very aware of the status-quo in planning and land-use (more people=more traffic=more roads) and believe that we must plan (and invest!) TODAY for the transportation network of 10 years from now. With the national trends toward “urban-living” and the rocketing gas prices, we must be proactive and not trade our acclaimed quality of life for a congested network of roads. From improving the existing bus service so that public begins to “trust” transit,…to conducting several phases of study on possible improvements like Bus Rapid Transit or Streetcars,…to achieving the necessary public and political will to take such major steps,… This lengthy process will no doubt take fierce commitment and bold leadership! ACCT encourages the citizens of Albemarle and Charlottesville to commend Mr.Wyants for his comment and ask what practical steps our County can take toward a thriving, multi-modal future.

  2. Jim September 13, 2005 at 21:55

    Thank you for your comment this afternoon. If enough of the people speak, maybe those whom we have elected will finally start to listen.