Redistricting in Albemarle

The redistricting saga continues. WINA notes last night’s decision here. The DP weighs in here. Most importantly, Brian Wheeler, At-Large member of the School Board,clarifies a few items on his blog.

Of note –

At last night’s meeting we also learned the following about enrollment as of 9/6/05 :
Total students = 12,433 (60 above projection for this year)

Agnor-Hurt is 37 students above projection

Brownsville is 19 students above projection

Crozet is 30 students above projection

Henley is 29 students above projection

If you are wondering where the bulk of the growth is – look at the numbers above. Three of the four schools above the projected numbers are in the Western Albemarle District. A wise man said to me recently that if you cannot hit the school with a rock, don’t be assured that your kids will go there …

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