Green Albemarle County?

I wish I could have gone to this.

From a Daily Progress progress article this morning.

Miles of greenway trails connecting parks, homes and schools.

A streetcar system in Charlottesville, quickly moving people and reducing car traffic.

A new emphasis on locally grown food, increasing nutrition and decreasing oil consumption.

These ideas were the focus of Albemarle County’s second Green Infrastructure Forum on Thursday. About 40 residents attended the event, which focused on the greenway trails system, downtown transportation and local food production.

There are a lot of good ideas here, and I am sure there were more that didn’t make the paper. Does anyone out there have notes they would like to share?

Radical ideas like this that seek to change not just how our community grows, but also how we live and behave on a daily basis need the right people to support them.

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  1. Herb September 30, 2005 at 11:05

    I like many of the ideas but one out-of-touch idea stuck out to me.

    “A new emphasis on locally grown food…”

    Where do they think the locally grown food will be grown and who will do it? I don’t see any new farms and many “farms” are really just homes with a couple of horses on them. This isn’t going to change as food farming is a low pay career.

  2. Jim September 30, 2005 at 13:18

    I agree with the “locally grown food …” comment you make. In principle and perhaps in theory, local food may make one feel good, but are not necessarily economically feasible or viable. Personally, I see locally grown foods not making it beyond the boutique-food type places – Feast, Foods, et. al.

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