Central Virginia Wine futures look good.

One of the great things about Central VA is that we are fortunate to have a number of outstanding vineyards. If there were a local tour company that would cater to folks who want to visit several in a day, I think that this would be a potentially profitable business, and would provide a good public service.  Based on this DP article by David Hendrick, we should look for some good wine from the local vineyards.

Indeed, they say, although weather is a factor in a wine’s final quality, the unpredictable climate will not be a ceiling on the industry’s growth.

Rausse pointed out that climate conditions in much of Europe’s grape-growing regions are similar to Virginia’s.

“Every year we get better and better,” McCarthy said. “The potential hasn’t even been tapped here.”

Outstanding. Even better, there is a link to the WineTalk Podcast that I sponsored recently (or WineCast)!

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