Why not?

Politics is a dirty business, one that can cause one to vacate one’s principles, beliefs and basic good intentions for the sake of placating donors and the constant urge to win re-election. Politics, in many circles, equals power.

Idealism, healthy naïveté and optimism will go a long way.

But what is politics? Ideally (there’s that word again), those in elected office will put their constituents’ best interests ahead of their own … how often does this seem to happen though? In my perfect world, I would like to see the word “pandering” removed from the political dictionary.

Change can happen, even while maintaining sound ethics and good conscience. It just takes good leadership and honor, intestinal fortitude, consistency and persistence, and finally a simple question – why not?

That is my vision. Take it or leave it.

Tom Coburn seems to get “it.”

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