Market cool-down

David Hendrick at the DP wrote a good article for this past Sunday’s paper regarding the slowing Central VA market. He takes a reasonable tact that describes the market rather than attempt to instill fear about the market – another reason why I like reading his stuff in the DP.

The article also notes the first time that I have been quoted “above the fold” in print. It’s a small thing, but something that would not have happened if I had not started and maintained this blog. Baby steps towards continued success …

Waldo’s right

Experts gain a lot, I believe, by giving away bits of their expertise in this format. It creates a new customer base, it gives something of value to the community, and it is bound to help forge ties between unlikely groups of people, which is always great.

One of my goals for this blog is to become a, if not the, authority for real estate matters in the public’s eyes and frankly, to gain business. I enjoy what I do and I am grateful every day for this opportunity.

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