Blog Panel tomorrow

This luncheon tomorrow should be very interesting. As noted on CvillePodcast about tomorrow’s VPTC forum:

Blogs are fundamentally changing the way companies are marketing their products and services. …
On November 17, a panel of experts will define and discuss exactly what these new tools are, how they are changing the way companies interact with their customers, and present some fascinating scenarios describing what’s happening in the blogosphere right now.

Technology is changing how we interact with our client base in many ways. Blogging (for me) represents just another form by which I can influence and “touch” my existing and potential client base. As Waldo remarked a little while ago,

Jim Duncan provides a great example of how a blog can be beneficial to its author and to the community. Until he’d started blogging, I’d never heard his name. Now, if you asked me to name three real estate agents in the area, I don’t doubt that I’d name him.

A little recognition on such a prominent blog may (hopefully) go a long way. Emerging technologies fascinate me. Incorporating them into a successful business plan takes some trial and error, time and a good deal of planning. Being ahead of the curve, though, should prove profitable. If I could just figure out a way to deliver new listings to my web site subscribers via RSS …

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