Blogger Uploaded Images Stopsprawl-750652…  a new line of YIMBY t-shirts on cafepress.com today. YIMBY = Yes In My Back Yard, a person who believes that the more life there is, the greater the city. (As opposed to NIMBY, a person who’s generally opposed to development in their neighborhood.) Link via InmanNews.

Not an entirely bad idea, and one that the City has embraced.

Cox’s vision of a dense Charlottesville, where people walk for groceries and ride buses to work, is getting more real as the City Department of Neighborhood Planning and Development Services drafts major changes to the zoning ordinances. When the changes are approved by City Council next year, they will likely spawn major increases in certain City neighborhoods such as Fifth Street Extended, Fifeville, Cherry Avenue and Jefferson Park Avenue. The Mayor’s talk also alluded to City plans to develop the Mall’s east end and make West Main Street more pedestrian-friendly.

Nifty. There are some pretty innovative groups, like the Charlottesville Design Center, leading the charge (in addition to the usual suspects who have been doing this for years).

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