Restrained growth on the horizon?

Fluvanna (from the DP):

‘”It’s a generational shift” … “It became apparent during this last campaign at [Lake Monticello] that there are more and more young people living at the lake,” Moss continued.
“It’s a reflection really of the changing demographics, not just in Fluvanna County but at the lake.”

Greene (courtesy of The HooK):

“Morris cites land use and rising property taxes– particularly as they affect seniors– as the issues that spurred her to run. … “I think it boiled down to land use. He was Planning Commission chairman, and some of their decisions could be perceived as developer friendly,” Catalano says.

“We don’t like pushy in Greene County,” he adds. “The perception was that the Planning Commission was trying to push an agenda in the county.”

One aspect of politics that continually vexes me is the consistent dishonesty, or even perceived dishonesty, of politicians. If the following is true (and I believe it to be), how can we expect different from our elected officials?

Grant concedes that his name recognition and longtime resident status may not have helped. “Maybe they hate my guts and don’t want to tell me,” he says. “People will lie to your face.”

Is the current momentum of seemingly unabated growth too strong? What will our transportation system look like in five years? Fifteen? Will we ever get a regional authority with the integrity and power to lead the Central Virginia regions’ transportation agenda or will we continue to have a mish-mash of agendas – each locality looking out for its own?

I’d like to see Tim Kaine hold a town hall meeting in the Charlottesville area.

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