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I haven’t posted about the visitors to this site before, because, frankly, they are a bit boring. The second reason is that I have conflicting data. I don’t like bad data.

The stats from my host say that the number of visitors has increased by 17.5% on average, month over month. Yet I use another statistical engine, StatCounter, that says that for the month of November, I have had nearly 40% more visitors than my host reflects. I’m not sure which to believe; I do know that the traffic to this site tends to bring more a different visitor than does my website.

Tomorrow may bring (time depending) a brief analysis on keyword activity – what brings people to the site. It’s actually a bit interesting, as this analysis provides insight into what real estate-minded (and the merely curious) people are thinking.

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  1. Jim Bain November 29, 2005 at 13:17

    Jim –

    The stats that StatCounter provides are going to be more accurate. The 30-second explaination: Services like StatCouter take into account proxy servers: the logs your web server produces do not.

    – Jim Bain

  2. Jim November 30, 2005 at 17:04

    Thanks, Jim. That I have that many visitors is a bit daunting (at least for me). It appears that people may actually read this thing!