Wind energy right in our backyard

Following up on my new study for my Eco-Broker certification, I see this article about a Charlottesville company, Greenlight Energy:

In the next two years, a Virginia company hopes to pump upward of $400 million into what could be Colorado’s largest wind farm on private grazing land near Grover in northeast Colorado.

Greenlight Energy Inc. of Charlottesville, Va., is planning the Cedar Creek Wind Energy Project on several hundred acres adjacent to Pawnee National Grassland to take advantage of some of the best wind in the country. 

Green technologies are next. They seem to be good for our environment, and ultimately good for business. Honestly, I don’t know enough about this yet … but I will.

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  1. Jim December 5, 2005 at 18:01

    Joe –

    Thank you so much for the links. I am (slowly but methodically) switching all of our standard bulbs to the energy savings ones.

    I will email you in detail this evening.