Eminent Domain update

This post at Bizzy Blog highlights some of the national and individual state movements towards protecting individuals’ property rights, in response to the SCOTUS’ Kelo ruling.

Unfortunately, the author comes to this conclusion:

I’m not happy with the idea that the “staying power” is already wearing down. If the relatively modest state legislation thus far is any indication, the initial outrage appears to have been largely neutralized.

States and cities probably feel that they will be at an economic disadvantage against other states if they give up the ability to abuse eminent domain and other states and cities don’t.

An excellent resource for staying abreast of the local and statewide eminent domain discussion is the VirginiaPropertyRights site. Perhaps most important is this link to find your legislator so that you can express your opinion(s) about this issue. I’ve said it before – this issue is neither conservative nor liberal, democrat nor republican; it is simply a matter of preventing the government from stealing your property.

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  1. WC Varones December 8, 2005 at 11:07

    Throw out a property-grab-supporting Congressman!

    Rep. Joe Schwarz is a RINO who is not only frequently in favor of tax increases, but also voted against the bill to restrict eminent domain.

    He’s facing a serious primary challenge. Please encourage your readers to donate to his opponent, Tim Walberg.