The future of real estate search (cont’d)

Rain City Guide has a good post this evening.

This response from the founder of, one of the featured companies, sums up what I believe to be the argument –

Who ultimately owns the listings? Ultimately, imho, the home seller. I know this isn’t the currently-accepted “legal” answer, but it’s the “right” answer. This hyper-protection of MLS listings will not help their system survive the internet age. Given time, market forces will beat bureaucratic forces every time: listings will be de-fragmented and freely available to everyone, consumers can pick and choose their favorite search tool, and brokers and agents who add value will (surprise!) continue to thrive and prosper.

By the time NAR gathers its committees and experts, decides on resolutions on how to proceed, will it be too late? My question is this – is fighting a losing battle?

What major evolutionary changes have there been in the real estate profession/industry in the past 5 years? How about the past 6 months?

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