Crozet Growth “town meeting” Feb. 9

I received the following in the mail the other day – (I’m not that special, I just happen to live in Crozet) – an invitation to a public hearing in Crozet regarding growth, the discrepancies in the projected number of residents of Crozet and much more.  An open forum to discuss the County’s credibility issues, growth numbers, etc. is needed.

At least “they” acknowledge this –

One area of common ground that we all agree on is that Crozet is changing and growing beyond its current infrastructure, and those needs must be addressed.

Those who have said in the recent past that the County has prepared Crozet’s infrastructure for its current and projected growth should be ashamed.

This should be a very interesting meeting. Much of the issues discussed will be applicable to the entire County in some form or another – growth is certainly not isolated to Crozet. Hopefully a candid, calm discussion and listening will result, rather than emotional folk trying to shout down others. I think that somewhere the County acknowledges that they have made a major mistake. Let’s see if they address that in this meeting.

The DP has a good round-up of some growth issues on the agenda.

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The follow is a letter of invitation from David Wyant that is in the mail to all Crozet residents regarding the February 9 meeting at Western Albemarle High School.  We wanted to share our thoughts regarding the purpose of this meeting.  We are very aware that the issue of population projections is still ongoing with some Crozet residents and we understand and respect the interest in pursuing that issue at the Board of Supervisors level.  At the same time, another very important issue that residents have continued to be interested in, and rightly so, is how the county is expecting to provide infrastructure to support the needs of Crozet.  One area of common ground that we all agree on is that Crozet is changing and growing beyond its current infrastructure, and those needs must be addressed.  The February 9 meeting is intended to have staff members who are working directly on major infrastructure projects such as those mentioned in the letter talk directly to Crozet residents about the status and future steps of those projects.  Residents will have an opportunity to ask questions about these individual projects and get a better sense of where things stand with the implementation schedule.  While staff who will be in the room on February 9 to talk about the respective infrastructure projects are not the decision makers on population projections, they do have some important infrastructure information to share and we are hoping the meeting will be a venue where that kind of information can be exchanged and discussed.  This infrastructure update is something the community has been anxious for and we look forward to the opportunity to have this discussion.  As mentioned in the letter, we will be posting additional information on the website at after February 1 as we are awaiting some final project details.  Thank you.

Dear Crozet Residents,

You are cordially invited to attend a town meeting to update residents on the status of implementation for the Crozet Master Plan to be held on Thursday evening, February 9, from 7:00 pm until 9:00 pm at the Western Albemarle High School Cafeteria.

As you may be aware, the Crozet Master Plan was adopted by the Board of Supervisors in December, 2004, as part of the County’s Comprehensive Plan following an extensive public participation process.  Since that time, county staff has been working to implement the major elements of the plan with a particular focus on the infrastructure needed to accomplish the Plan’s vision for Crozet as a vibrant and self-sufficient community.
While the Master Plan and its population projections have been the topic of much discussion recently in other venues, the purpose of the meeting on February 9th is to focus on infrastructure development in Crozet over the next 20 years of the plan.  We feel that Crozet residents need and deserve the opportunity to hear directly from county staff and officials about the status of implementation and the efforts that are going on to support the goals of the plan.

At this meeting, we will update the community on specific infrastructure projects such as the library, the downtown sidewalk project, parking, Western Avenue, and Jarman’s Gap Road.  We will also discuss the formation of the Crozet Community Advisory Committee to be appointed by the Board of Supervisors and outline other ways for you to stay engaged in the process of master plan implementation.  There will be opportunities for questions and answers, both during the presentation and after the formal meeting, in a more one-on-one setting with individual staff members.
As was recognized throughout the master planning process, the community is a critical partner in the success of the Crozet Master Plan.  While we have been working hard on the Master Plan in the past year, we recognize that additional engagement with the community is necessary to keep everyone well informed.  With this meeting as an important first step, we hope to reestablish our direct and ongoing dialogue with Crozet residents.
Please visit the Crozet Master Plan website at
www. after February 1 to see updated information and an agenda for the February 9 meeting, and subsequently to keep up to date on master plan activities.  You may also sign up for the County’s Amail enews service on the website so that you will receive regular bulletins, meeting notices, etc.
We appreciate your interest and hope that you will attend the meeting and/or stay informed about the progress of the Master Plan through one of the methods we have mentioned.  If you have any questions or need more information in advance of the meeting, please contact our Community Relations Office at (434)296-5841. 


                                                          David C. Wyant
                                                          Supervisor, White Hall District

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