Stay ’til you have a solution!

The Washington Post reports this morning that Gov. Tim Kaine

… will force the issue by calling a special session or extending the current one, which is scheduled to end March 11.

“I’m not going to walk away without a deal,” Kaine said. “If something doesn’t get done, I’m going to stay until it does.”

I admire his conviction. Transportation woes have long been talked about, teeth have been gnashed, and talked about some more. This is the kind of leadership that the Commonwealth needs. I hope that the focus is not solely on NoVa. Yes, the bulk of the populace and much of the congestion is there, but Central Virginia and the rest of the State have issues as well. My greatest concern is this – Can we trust the government to spend our money wisely?

Hat tip: Commonwealth Conservative.

These are a few related bills that are up for consideration –

HB 1610 Zoning ordinances; locality may deny or modify request if inadequate road capacity.
SB 373 Development rights; localities provide for transfer thereof from parcel located in locality.
HB 1521 Comprehensive plans and official maps; road improvements.
HB 1513 Transportation planning; coordination of state and local.

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