A move to print?

This is an idea I have been kicking around for the past several days.

The trend has been for the past several years that real estate advertising has been moving more and more to the web – it’s cheaper, more effective, more immediate and easier to track results, ie. pageviews, click-throughs, etc.

What is going to happen as the market continues its shift? Buyers and sellers will continue to use the internet because of its immediacy and breadth of information, but what about print? I read the WSJ.com every day, but I love (when I have thirty minutes or an hour) to read it in print; I see more stories of interest rather than what I was looking for.

Buyers are beginning to realize that they have more time to look for homes; homes are staying on the market longer … buyers may have the luxury of browsing for homes. It is easier to do this sitting at a coffee shop with a copy of the Real Estate Weekly than with a laptop. Buyers may become more passive and wait for something about a house to spur them on … maintaining a presence in a local real estate weekly may become more of a necessity to be successful from an agent’s and a seller’s point of view.

Just a thought.

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