A better implementation of the “Town Center” model?

Despite that this plan originated somewhat in Celebration, Florida, there is one aspect of this plan that makes sense:

Besides the location, many of the 3,000 residents rave about the pre-1940s-style architecture that includes Victorian, Colonial Revival, French and country homes, many with front porches that residents say makes their neighborhoods more close-knit.

Hmmm. Not building cookie-cutter homes, putting at least some consideration into creative design? Not an entirely bad idea, in my opinion.

Other builders are incorporating town-planning elements of TNDs in otherwise conventional tracts. More cities across the nation are starting to require these kinds of urban designs, as part of a general movement called “smart growth” to corral sprawl.

It may not seem like it sometimes, but we are not the only ones struggling with growth. From the Realestatejournal. The NTYimes blog has an excerpt of the none-too-surprising effects of regulations limiting growth.

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