Afternoon links for 13 March 2006

Running government as a business – now there’s a thought. (via Commonwealth Conservative)

More to the point, Richman said, governments don’t have to make a profit – “they don’t have to satisfy consumers who can simply turn around and take their money elsewhere,” Richman said, “so they don’t face the same kind of pressures as businesses.”

Crozet to pass 12,000 – by the County’s own admission! (and here)
Bloggers and ethics.
Mark Warner profile – I think I really like this guy – he seems to understand that strict party-line thinking is past its prime.
Virginia’s thoughts on the region’s growth
In search of inspiration
Joe says: Internet 1, Real World, 0

Fluvanna struggles with growth

The last word, in substance if not in sequence, came from Supervisor Don Weaver (Cunningham): “A good question is does this Board want to slow down growth in the county. Either they do or they don’t … I always thought that’s what they [supervisors] wanted; maybe they don’t.”

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  1. TrvlnMn March 14, 2006 at 00:19

    Regarding “Running Government as a Business”..

    Yes and No.

    Yes when it comes to cutting costs and keeping employee job performance in line with private industry.

    But a big NO.. when it comes to the thinking that a government run as a Business must show a profit. Which sometimes, in my past, it seems as though C’ville has tried to do. I still remember the year that the city had a budget surplus and gave all their employees $1000.oo dollar/per employee end of year bonus.

    Running Gov’t as a Business needs to be a synthesis of Business principles (management and productivity) and the understanding that once you’ve cut all the fat out of the system.. that you shouldn’t be trying to “show a profit.”

    Government going in the direction of trying to show a profit- we would end up with creative and original new taxes and fees, the same way Bank of America was the industry pioneer for creative and innovative new, and never before heard of, banking fees.

  2. Ray Hyde March 14, 2006 at 14:31

    The Fluvanna artical is fascinating.

    Sounds like Fork Union needs a good road.