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I am frequently amused at the ways visitors reach this blog. Not only do I frequently get a little chuckle, but these term provide some valuable insight into the minds of searchers. Knowing what my readers want to know helps me target my writing a bit more. A few of the recent strings that stand out:

how much below asking price to offer real estate – it depends. Make sure your Realtor does a CMA.
charlottesville va bad neighborhood – Call the Charlottesville Police Department. Their online incident section is shamefully, almost negligently out of date.
what do i need to listen to podcasts in my caar Do they mean “my car” or mycaar? Either way, my podcasts are here.
virginia real estate self representation making an offer to buy I kind of wish my site didn’t come up first for this one.
realtor negative perceptions integrity – With the vast number of Realtors and the low standards for entry, this is bound to happen. As the market shifts, I expect the Realtor population to shrink.
charlottesville daily progress crap paper – funny.

homedepot ecooptions – it’s a start.
nar ceo mls consolidation – let the grassroots begin!
housing comps waynesboro va – A sign of the changing market
waynesboro towncenter plans – Aargh. Another towncenter?
how to find a house if you know the mls number in virginia -  Go here.

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