Green trends poised for take-off

Green building starts to really take off!

According to a recent survey conducted by NAHB and McGraw Hill Construction, there has been a 20 percent increase since last year in builders dedicated to green building issues.  The number is expected to rise by another 30 percent in 2007 to 64 percent of builders either heavily or moderately involved in green building projects, the survey said.

Choosing green will have to be, in my opinion, a financial decision. Witness the recent rise in people using public transit and buying bikes.

Is the perfect gasoline storm upon us? I like some of these predictions:

– All locally produced goods, and especially food, will become increasingly cost competitive.
– Bicycle sales and related services will skyrocket.
– Motor cycle and scooter use will become more common during the warm months.
– Developers will gravitate to the higher density “live/work/play” planned community models.
– Traffic congestion will be mitigated as carpooling and errand sharing become more commonplace.
– Cynicism toward alternative designs and life styles will be reduced.

Rise of the Neo-Greens

Start with supply. … That ensures a steadier stream of production, which will make prices more predictable and will kick-start some economies of scale. Over time, increased demand and decreased production costs will lure additional players, which helps create still greater efficiencies, boosting output and lowering costs.

It’s about the economy, stupid. Some early adopters will certainly buy into the green movement because it’s the “right thing to do.” Most will not until they see the direct impact on their pocket books. Simple as that.

How can I be more green?

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