Blogging is personal – and effective

Mark Cuban has an excellent post describing some of the major differences between traditional media and blogging. Well worth a read –

(Traditional media) get hired for a specific job and they have to do that job. They get hired by a corporation that is most likely public, which means their senior management , the people they ultimately report to, have to put getting the stock price up above all else. That is really what blogging vs traditional media in 2006 has come down to. Bloggers drive blogs, share price drives traditional media.  Blogging is personal, traditional media is corporate.

Is print media dead?
Where newspapers kick the Internets behind

Print will always have a place – for investigative journalism, for the 5,000 word analysis that would be extraordinarily difficult to read on a blog, the sheer volume of information provided and for the satisfying effect that comes from sitting down and reading the paper from the first page to the last.

Importantly, does real estate advertising have a future on the pages of newspapers, weeklies, monthly magazines? Why do real estate marketers (Realtors) spend so much money on a format that is inefficient, difficult to track and expensive? The direct connection to consumers the “trust” factor is mightily difficult to convey in a 2 x 3 (or whatever size one chooses) static house advertisement. Where do we go from here?

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