Roundabout in Ivy

Following up on the Hook’s report in March, WINA notes today that:

(Supervisor Sally Thomas) believes a roundabout might work at the intersection of Owensville Road, Morgantown Road, and 250 West. Thomas contends a roundabout is a good idea when roads at an interchange, such as those three, don’t align themselves precisely.

The data from VDOT (please excuse my lack of possible correct data interpretation) shows that Ivy Road has 46,000 vehicle trips a day. Unfortunately, I could not find specific data showing how many vehicle trips the roundabout at the airport manages (which Sup. Thomas cites as the successful reference), but I cannot believe that it is anywhere near 46,000. If Crozet does end up growing to 12,000 (or 24,000) people and the speed limit through Ivy is (if I recall correctly) 35 MPH, how big would this roundabout have to be?

Below is a picture of “The greatest roundabout ever built in the US. It carries up to 58,000 vehicles per day and 8,000 pedestrians per day.” That looks a little bit bigger than Ivy.

 Pics Roundabouts Roundabouts Clearwater Small

Bacon’s Rebellion loves roundabouts.

Disclaimer: I am not a traffic engineer, nor do I play one on TV. I do drive Ivy Road at least twice a day (four times today).
Note: How does this impact real estate, the primary function for this blog? It impacts quality of life and the desirability of an area – thus, property values.

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