Property taxes, traffic and straw

What will localities do if/when property values level off and they will be forced to either 1) live within their means or 2) raise property tax rates or 3) find another source of revenue (tax)?

Green trends continue their upward trend:

Reasons for building green range from “it’s the right thing to do,” to increasing energy efficiency, staying ahead of the competition and attracting green-seeking home buyers.

Can you imagine this? This is why green building will continue to take off – it makes sense.

What I learned about straw bales is that they’re a cheap, renewable resource that gives you R-50 insulation in your walls.

“The insulation bats that you put in most stick-built houses are rated at R-9 or R-11. When you consider the thermal bridging where every stud is and the gaps, the performance of the wall is probably not even R-7.”

The Daily Progress reports.

Do roads create traffic, or do traffic and developments necessitate roads? The one comment is interesting.

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