Prepping for this week

Drought Watch – conserving water should not have to wait until we are facing a potential emergency.

The recent housing boom may had a psychological underpinning.

This should be fun:

… the Consumer Federation of America, a nonprofit research and advocacy group, releases a report (Monday) on “how the real estate brokerage industry functions as a price-setting cartel.”

Fee-based consultants – a better value than commissioned agents? We will be seeing more of this as the shift continues.

Sign that CharlAlbemarle has “jumped the shark:

Besides such no-brainer destinations as Charlottesville, Va., Hershey, Pa., and Baltimore, the Mid-Atlantic region offers much more.

The impact of higher fuel costs affects Realtors, too.

“The suburban pattern is so deeply embedded in our national mythology now that we will persist in these habits for quite a while, even though it will be economically suicidal.”

I think I am going to break down the commission and fees, taxes, and other associated transaction and business costs soon to show that not all Realtors are rolling in money. Some actually work for a living. 🙂

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