Regional roundup

With every one of these localities moving forward with their own growth and comprehensive plans, doesn’t it make sense to have some sort of regional cohesion between the plans and planners? What impact does TJPDC have?

Albemarle assesses residents’ opinions – was anybody surprised by the answers?

“We noticed a decrease in satisfaction rates [for transportation] between 2002 and 2004,” Allshouse said. “We saw data line up that showed us transportation is becoming a more important issue, so the goals for [the 2007-10] strategic plan, which should be adopted in July, include expanding regional transit opportunities and accelerating transportation projects.”

Louisa’s Comp Plan moves forward

Without the infrastructure, Tingler said, planning will not be effective.  “If the county is concerned about bringing growth into designated areas,” said Tingler, “along with that goes modification to bring resources into those areas, water, sewer. If you don’t have that piece of the puzzle, this becomes a pretty map.”

A megasite in Augusta?
Fluvanna’s Comp Plan survey

No details have been released regarding the results, but public concerns about “growth and taxes” are a leading theme, according to a planner who has seen a number of the responses

Madison County jacks up building permit fees

“Last year was a tremendous year; it was so busy,” Grayson said. “We were issuing so many permits we couldn’t keep up with the zoning.

CvilleTomorrow changes tack slightly

Watching how they balance this will be interesting. CvilleTomorrow is one of the most valuable information assets our region has. I personally hope that they use their influence for information dissemination rather than advocates for or against particular developments. The concerns they raise are valid; but does this change their focus and non-biased position? Read the letter (pdf) here.

Charlottesville (the City of) looks to its future

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