Saturday Links 08-11-2006

Will Insulating With Straw Catch Fire? (Free link)

Architects who’ve worked with both forms of insulation say the cost of using straw bales instead of fiberglass can be about the same to 10% more. While the actual bales cost less than industrial-made fiberglass insulation, labor costs can be higher because contractors aren’t accustomed to it.

You’ve gotta start somewhere. If not here and now, when?

People only call an average of four people – must not be Realtors.

To do: Figure out how to add Ajax Google API to my site.

Tearing down the ethics of others – good business? Or a shameful practice?

Statistically speaking, the longer a REALTOR® has been in business, the less ethical he or she is, and the more money a REALTOR® earns, the less ethical he or she is.I believe it is important for any REALTOR® to think about and consider this fact every day, and during every transaction.

5 Ways to Better Your Day with RSS

Housing: The Real Class Divide in America Today

Poignant Bloodhound Post (and comment)

Long Tail review

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