Charlottesville Blog Carnival 08-13-2006

And here, I thought that this would be a sparse week:

The HooK carries the torch for freedom and democracy.

The joy of Tony Sinclair.

The SELC on how growth affects the area. My favorite part was when a caller asked how the guests got to the studio.

if you’re a UVA student and you have to rely on your mommy to come visit to clean your undies, you’d better be busy curing () cancer.

You can change the name, but the culture continues. Thanks, Sprint.

Take the time to learn about Net Neutrality with Chris Makarsky.

Economic policy for idiots.

Hog-callin’ euphoria

The end of social responsibility.

What happens when a 160 year old residential neighborhood has an industrial park located on top of its former recreational park? If its the Woolen Mills neighborhood, absolutely nothing.
Steve Whitaker’s Charlottesville tips – a great series.

Those bells? Those alarms? Those bothersome flashing lights? Bah. Don’t worry about them.

What exactly is a “State Climatologist” and why do we have one? Do we need one?

Dan Kachur analyzes racism in courts

Red Inked is distressed with the commonality with which we all Google.

And that is all, folks. Keeping up with the ever-changing CharlAlbemarle segment of the blogosphere is a challenge. Do your best! For those I missed, I am sorry.

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