Wednesday links 09-27-2006

Long Tail – Calvin and Hobbes style. I am a sucker for anything Calvin and Hobbes.

One of the best analogies regarding our current transportation morass.

Rather than a seamless fabric stretching from the tip of Northern Virginia to the hem of Southside, the fixes being discussed in the legislature resemble a crazy quilt

Grasping the obvious, referencing the proposed Biscuit Run development: (WINA link may not work, the story is titled, “City Councilors are urged to monitor the Biscuit Run project

Pfaltz says building thousands of new homes south of the city will affect Charlottesville traffic.

Dustin’s search for a new host is hopefully over and in transition.

Rain City Guide-1

The first use of “unzillowable” in a listing (Thanks, sellsius)

The Future of the Internet II

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