Always fearful

The time between being asked for a quote in the press and reading what I said is always a time of nervous anticipation. Why? Because unless I am the author, I am never 100% certain that what I say will be said in context. The risk of contributing to the culture of fear being propagated by the media is quite significant.

After speaking with Jason Jacks with the DP on Friday, all I could think about was whether he would print my initial, flippant response to his first question. “Head for the hills! Everybody rent!” Would have been either a substantial gaffe or a great headline – or both.

The morals of the story?  For me – think before I speak/act.

1) For everybody else – Expecting 10-20% appreciation year over year is a wholly unreasonable expectation.
2) Read lots of news. Come to your own conclusions rather than forming an opinion based on one quote or one story is irresponsible.

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