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Thanks to Greg, Dustin and Joel for their lists and the inspiration to make a few changes:

Possibly related posts (not sure if this is working yet)
Sideblog – Finally! This is a plugin I have been meaning/trying to install for over a year. If I could just get the titles to display …

And for the sake of argument, here’s my list.

Auto-close comments – helps prevent comment spam
Bad Behavior – helps prevent comment spam
Democracy – for polling
Get Recent Comments
Subscribe to Comments
Spam Karma 2 – helps prevent comment spam
Google Sitemaps
Live Comment Preview
WordPress Database Backup
Contact Form ][

In the pipeline:

Stagnation is dangerous.

Now, I want a new color scheme. Suggestions?

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  1. Greg Swann October 4, 2006 at 22:32

    > Now, I want a new color scheme. Suggestions?

    A photo of your environs.

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