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Commuter bikes! (WSJ) (via Bacon’s Rebellion) The emergence of New Urbanist developments such as Old Trail may spur more and more of these bikes and their close relations.

Green is Good – Part 1
Green is Good – Part 2

Personal windmill! And slashdot’s discussion of said form of personal windpower Just imagine the zoning complaints!

Building zero-waste communities

Eat locally

Green is going to take on more prominence as building and living in a more environmentally conscious/friendly manner makes economic sense. Until the consumers’ bottom line is positively affected by changing inefficient habits, green will remain on the fringe. I believe that the fringe is gaining ground. In some ways, I have staked my business on this trend.

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  1. Ray Hyde October 8, 2006 at 01:51

    Gee, if he is going to pay back 10,000 in 12 years thats 69 a month. If that’s 30% of his electric bill then he is spending $230 amonth on electricity. If its 20% of his electric bill, then it’s even worse.

    I use half of that.

    Maybe he should turn off some lights.

    I like his style, though.