Monday links – 10-09-2006

If you’re going to insult somebody, do it with class and style.

Where are all the good, green products?

Urbanization is the “next” big thing. It’s been the next big thing for some time, but it appears that we are now beginning to realize the impact of the human race’s growth and growth patterns.

How will this impact K Hovnavian’s “Four Seasons Charlottesville” senior/active adult development (that is actually located in Greene County)?

And finally, Marlow Harris says exactly what I think:

However, all (agents/Realtors) have the obligation to stay up on market conditions and their local economy and current affairs that effect their market area. They should have both a micro and a macro approach to real estate, so they can best advise their clients, be they investment buyers or just those searching for their dream home.

Which communities will be included in Charlottesville/Central Virginia’s search for a brand? What should it be? I have to say that my first thought when I read about the quest for a brand was this (sound). (Courtesy of)

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