Links for 10 November 2006

Power, quality of life and broadband

We live in public

What real people use on the web

Do real estate agents have a secret agenda? Um, some do. If they do not disclose any additional fees that they may receive, they are, in my book, not serving their clients’ best interests.

Freddie Mac Housing outlook

Your Home Is Your Castle, As Long As Your Neighbors Don’t Force You to Sell – “This isn’t Kelo “lite” — It takes Kelo to a new level”

New nanotech facility in Charlottesville
What green paints do you like?

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  2. Phil Hoover November 11, 2006 at 15:20

    Bonus commissions/incentives should be disclosed to buyers long before they review the HUD-1 at the closing table.
    How is a buyer going to feel when they learn (after the fact) that you will receive and extra $10-15k for steering them toward what benefits YOU?
    I have previously posted about these practices in the Boise real estate market: