At least I tried

And sometimes, that’s enough.

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If I could, I would change my answer to the “what is one of your greatest accomplishment” question.

One of my greatest accomplishments is through my coaching of my daughter’s soccer team. I have coached her for most of her career of about six years. My team from last year had a solid core, but upon completion of the season was fractured all across different leagues, age groups, etc. My accomplishment? Instilling the love of the game. Every single one of my girls from last season is playing this season.

That’s huge, as today’s kids have the options to play soccer, basketball, volleyball, field hockey, lacrosse – you name it, soccer is competing with it. All of my girls are still playing, and all of them come up to me when I coach against them, or walk by them while they are playing and say “hi.” That’s an accomplishment that is unmatched by almost anything else I have done.

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