Out of context

Sure, this is blatantly taking a quote out of context, but …

“I would like to pay our police officers more, I would like to pay our fire more, I would like to pay our teachers more, but the fact is that we are limited to the revenues that we take in from taxes,” said Board of Supervisors Chair Dennis Rooker. “Everybody likes better services, nobody wants to pay more in the way of taxes.” (Courtesy of WCAV)

While nobody may want to pay more in taxes, we most assuredly are paying more in taxes, thank you very much.

From 2005:

… assessments are rising sharply in Albemarle County, but not by the expected 18.7%, which was the 2003 increase, but instead a whopping 27.2%. A good chunk of that increase is coming from the rising value of raw land, though house values have climbed quite a bit, too. …

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