How to build a business – Part II

Continuing the theme of building business by participating in the community –

Locally one of the best examples of Realtors giving back is Hops N’ Chops, a project organized by Brett Jordan, a local Realtor who (hopefully) represents the current and next generation of Realtors, to benefit the Locks of Love organization This generation of 30-and-under Realtors value the benefit of the business as being potentially profitable as well as an extraordinary opportunity to get involved with and give back to the community. As Realtors, we see the community from all levels, and the ability to participate in and contribute is one that we should not let pass.

Besides, who hasn’t heard of karma? 🙂

It is being held at Starr Hill on 13 December, starting at 6pm.

Below the fold is an essay/explanation from Brett describing his inspiration. I would guess that we all have been touched by cancer at some point. This is a pretty easy way to give back.

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Over four years ago I watched a friend donate his hair to Locks of Love and it did two things:

1) Reminded me of a student in my second-grade class who had lost her hair because of radiation treatment for leukemia. Of all the kids in that class she’s the only one I can still vividly see in my mind. When she came back to school she was the center of attention although she probably would have preferred otherwise.


2) Inspired me to let my hair grow until I could donate it.

I was actually in my bathroom, shears in hand, ready to take it all off, when I thought about just letting it go so I could donate it. I had no idea what an incredible experience it would turn into.

Last year, as the time approached for me to lop off my locks, I decided I didn’t need to do it alone. So in October I started to shape Hops N’ Chops. I originally envisioned it being a fairly small event…maybe 20-30 people coming to cut their hair. I also knew if I was going to put on an event I wanted the community I love so much to benefit as well and that’s where the UVa Children’s Hospital came into the picture. When all was said and done, we had collected over $2,500 for the children’s hospital and over 70 ponytails of at least 6 inches.

This year we’ll still have live music, professional stylists with salon chairs and great raffle prizes but now have a goal of $10,000 for the children’s hospital and at least 70 hair donations. We’ve also expanded the event to include the Art Gallery at Starr Hill which will house our silent auction and five local artists who are donating works to the auction.

Those that want to get a chop for the cause this year must meet the following qualifications for hair to be useful: hair must be at least 6 inches in length, it must be bundled in a ponytail or braid and it cannot be damaged as a result of chemical processing (dyed hair is acceptable as long as it’s healthy).

All ages are welcome and anyone donating hair will be admitted free of charge. Those who don’t quite have enough length or aren’t ready for a new look still are encouraged to come out.

All proceeds from sponsorships, admission and raffle ticket sales and auctions will be given to the UVa Children’s Hospital, which is currently trying to raise money for a new outpatient care center.

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