Perhaps my favorite post of the week – referencing eminent domain

Referencing eminent domain and the Kelo case:

Here is my house that you did take
From me to you, this spell I make
Your houses, your homes
Your family, your friends
May they live in misery
That never ends.
I curse you all
May you rot in hell
To each of you
I send this spell
For the rest of your lives
I wish you ill
I send this now
By the power of will

Thanks to Homeland Stupidity.

This is the Virginia General Assembly’s most recent attempt to curtail Eminent Domain.

Constitutional amendment (first resolution); exercise of eminent domain powers.  Prohibits the taking of private property by eminent domain for the predominant use of any private person or entity or for the transfer of ownership to any private person or entity.  Further defines the permissible public uses for which property may be taken and the “just compensation” that must be paid for the property taken.  The proposed amendment specifies that it is a judicial question whether private property is being condemned for a permissible public use.

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