2007 Goals

If I don’t write them down, it’s almost like I don’t make them …

– Relish fear and failure. I have experienced failure several times recently. One of these was in competing for a listing, another agent won (it was for a 35% referral fee, so it wasn’t that great of a loss, but …). From both failures, I learned something, and there is the value in failing.

– Work to systematize my business.

– Dramatically change something about how I work. Maybe implement Daylite. Maybe change companies.

– Grow my business by 15%.

– Fix my Archives page.

– Start working in the $500k+ price range.

– Write every day. Learn something new every day. Establish new business relationships/friendships and maintain existing ones.

– Bring passion, dedication and desire to the table each and every day.

– Say “No” more often. Between the local, state and national committees and Boards on which I serve, time to actually sell real estate is often scarce.

– Spend as much time as possible with my family and work every day on my marriage.

Next up … my predictions for 2007.

Update: This post is part of the 2006 Real estate goals group writing project.

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  1. Todd Tarson December 29, 2006 at 14:56

    Jim, excellent goals. I’m endeared to the one that has you learning to say ‘no’ more often. I know that I have put way more into leadership than into my own business this last year or so. I simply cannot afford to do it again.

    I’m going to limit my involvement with the local association this year, but have been tapped to do more on the state level… and I will happily do so.

    Good luck in 2007!!

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  4. AJ December 29, 2006 at 23:59

    I forget where I read this, but it goes like this:

    Fail Forward Fast
    The faster you fail the faster you make progress. Never be afraid to fail, always learn.

    That’s the attitude we took when we decided to create Daylite.

    Sometimes I forget that line and then I get stuck. As soon as I remember it, I move forward again.

    Good luck in 2007!

  5. Paul K, January 2, 2007 at 12:33

    Finding out the hard way myself, to hold your relationship with your wife in highest regards, above the “importance” of business! 🙂

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