TDRs baby stepping forward

At least that is the way it seems. Charlottesville Tomorrow noted on Wednesday that David Slutzky was pressing forward with his Transfer of Development (TDR) proposal. I have noted previously that TDRs present a unique opportunity to at the very least, have a creative discussion about managing growth in our region. 

To read more about TDRs than you could ask for, visit Beyond Takings and Givings or download this pdf titled “Downzoning: Does it protect working landscapes and maintain equity for the landowner?”

The bill, proposed by Del. David Toscano, is here.

The Daily Progress has more.

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  1. Jim Duncan January 12, 2007 at 14:17

    What happens when …

    The proposed receiving area is full and there are folks in the rural area who have development rights and want to sell them into the receiving area?