If you drink wine in Virginia

Then you should be interested in this bill, that:

Restores to certain Virginia retailers the privilege of delivering wine and beer to their customers.

… which is not a bad thing. More here.

Related bills – SB1205, SB1062, HB2493, HB2450

One of our local wine shop stewards will be at the General Assembly on Thursday to testify for reinstatement of this privilege.

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1 Comment

  1. TrvlnMn January 16, 2007 at 19:12

    I don’t drink wine, but I remember hearing about the law requiring that local vineyards go through a “middleman” to sell their product to local shops. I thought it was an outrageous law that should’ve never been passed.

    I know in some states distributors have a stranglehold. In those instances it’s always the small guy who gets hurt.