Another reason to purchase student housing in Charlottesville

The University is going to continue to grow. From Charlottesville Tomorrow:

“The state [negotiated with the University the arrangement] by which we are taking approximately 1,500 new students over the next decade. So that is about 150 students a year, roughly 100 undergraduates and 50 graduate students.  That’s a requirement.  The state would have liked us to take more.”

“One of the things I know the community frequently asks me is, ‘Why don’t we house all the students on grounds?’  The fact is we house all the first years.  The second fact is that they don’t want to be housed on grounds.  The opportunities for housing are there, we actually have vacancies in our current residential facilities, both apartments and dormitories because students chose to live off-grounds. 

Condos, townhouses, duplexes …buying may not be the best option, but it certainly may (should?) be considered.

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