Tuesday Links – 27 March 2007 – Green stuff and foreclosures

Are there “Victims” in Foreclosures? Or is holding people accountable for their decisions unreasonable?

Short Sales in the Luxury Home Market – I am curious to see what happens to this segment in the Charlottesville area; I have heard already of anecdotal pain. Translating anecdotes into data is the next step.

New vs. Existing Home Data; my local analysis is coming the first week of March.

EcoHome Guy’s blog (hat tip to Living Green)

Zero is the new black” – sustainability is not a fad. Better to get ahead of the market before the government screws things up by mandating arbitrary regulations proscribed by the highest bidders.

Local Government for sustainability

ecoMOD in Charlottesville

Sad but true graphic on homelessness

EcoBroker certified

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