Virginia leading the way on energy savings

Bacon’s Rebellion and Waldo report. Even if you don’t buy the environmental aspect, certainly even a skeptic can get on board with saving taxpayers’ (our) money. From Gov. Kaine’s statement:

Last year, Virginia state government spent over $290 million in energy costs to operate our facilities and travel on state business. To reduce the environmental consequences of that level of energy consumption and save taxpayer dollars, I am directing state government to use proven and innovative conservation technologies and energy procurement processes.

Charlottesville and Albemarle have been slightly ahead of the curve. Folks, we might be witnessing a movement.

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  1. Scott April 11, 2007 at 05:55

    Hey Jim,

    Hope all is well. I am currently trying to appeal a denial for me to have a 47 foot turbine/tower installed in a r-2 district (Northfield Subdivision). It just doesn’t make any sense that they denied me. The tower would not encroach onto any neighboring properties and is free of noise. The cement and all tower securing elements have already been laid down..etc etc… The tower only supports one grid…eh, I could go on and on. The tower would run an entire house and it is a shame that they have the silly 30 foot max in place. Ticked.
    Hope all is well.