Lenders, appraisers and more – Thursday links 04-19-2007

Rain City Guide has (at least) three excellent articles that move a bit inside the numbers of lending. Agents and buyers would do well to read all three:

1 – Understanding the basis for prepayment penalties

2 – Are you leaving too much on the table?

3 – Moving to “the darkside” of the “ARITLP”  and The Real Estate Agent’s Role in the Lending Process
It is amazing (and somewhat sad) how many times I hear feedback from buyers and sellers that agents should listen to their clients rather than assume that the agent already knows everything. Jeff Brown writes an excellent article expanding on this concept.

    * If possible, give the short answer at first.
    * Follow that up with an explanation for that answer.
    * Ensure that explanation is pure substance, with no guessing on your part.
    * Give an example if possible, illustrating your explanation.
    * Allow for chronological context if appropriate.
    * Finally, ask them if your answer was sufficient.

Arizona says that only appraisers may mention a property’s value. The Freaks note how they couldn’t find one to do that! There are always exceptions to the “rules.”

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